Community Relations

Our program of Community Relations is diverse and we always try to be innovative and creative in our interventions. Below is a short list of our social activities for 2015 that are part of the US$ 1.2 million donated over the past five years:

  • In July and August,we organized the visits to MUPANAH for 300 kids from Cité Soleil and another group of 250 went to visit the WYNN Ecological Farm in Kenscoff.

  • In September, at the start of the new school year,  5,000 kids received free school kits with notebooks, pens, pencils, and geometry instruments.

  • In December, we welcomed more than 1,000 kids from the community for our traditional joy- filled Christmas party. Again, Kako, Santa Claus, the circus with the clowns, the bounce houses, the art crafts stations were there and, last but not least, each kid went home with a full belly and a gift. On the other hand, our employees got their gifts too: the satisfaction of those little innocent smiling faces!

For the third year in a row, we sponsored:

  • Three university students from Cité Soleil via the organization Haïtian Education and Leadership Program;
  • 250 kids of Cité Soleil participation in a soccer program conducted by Haïtian Initiative of Tony Sanneh;
  • FONDAPS, as their operations are now solely in the commune of Cité Soleil. 
  • In July, we donated $100,000 to the Bernard Mevs Hospital-MEDISHARE Project for the construction of a firrst-class trauma center in the commune of Cité Soleil.

  • In September, we donated $25,000 to the Audubon Society, for the acquisition and protection of one of the twelve primary forests recently discovered by the Society. 


Christmas Party

For Christmas we welcomed 1500 kids from the Commune of Cité Soleil

Haitian Initiative Foundation


E-Power actively support the Tony Sanneh Haititan Initiative Foundation

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